Green Tea is withered slightly after being picked. The oxidation process is stopped  quickly by firing (rapidly heating) the leaves and, as a result when brewed at lower temperatures and for less time, green tea tends to have less caffeine (10-30% of coffee). Greens also tend to produce more subtle flavor with many undertones and accents than a black tea.

Blissful Buddha

Blissful Buddha

(House Blend)

Lotus green tea, rosebuds and petals*, jasmine flowers*, goji berries*.


 Blueberry Green

Blueberry Green


Sencha green tea, blueberries, hibiscus, natural blueberry flavor, stevia, calendula petals.

Brewed Awakening

Green tea, Oolong tea, coffee beans, white chocolate and natural flavors.

Chai Green


Green tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clover, ginger and black pepper.

Clouds and Mists


Name derived from the high altitude growing areas of WuLu Mountains in the Jiangxi Province of China.



Eyebrow green tea. Pan-fried leaves to produce a highly fragrant and distinct, sweet flavor.


Rich, toasty aroma reminiscent of roasted chestnuts. Smooth vegetal flavor with notes of green pepper and fresh cut grass.



Sencha green tea with toasted brown rice and puffed rice.

Green Mango Peach


Green tea, mango cubes, peppermint leaves, ginger root, green honeybush, nat. peach flavor.

Green Paradise Blend

China green tea with strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and cornflowers.



Hearty and crisp Chinese green tea that is rolled in small pellets to preserve freshness.

Happy Tea

Organic Guayusa, organic raspberries, organic green rooibos, organic apple, organic jasmine green tea, organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, natural flavors.

Jasmine Pearls


Hand rolled green tea leaves with silver buds and infused with jasmine flowers.

Lemon Love

(House Blend)

Lemon balm**, lemon grass**, lemon verbena**, lemon scented geranium**, Sencha green tea*, lemon peel*.

*-Organic  **-Local


Fine Vietnamese green tea with lotus flower petals.

Mandarin Green

Mandarin Green


Organic green tea grown in the Anhui Province of China and organic natural mandarin orange essence. Lightly baked at a low temperature to preserve the color and flavor.



Vegetal, strong Chinese green tea powder.

Moroccan Mint


Gunpowder green tea and peppermint.

Pomegranate Green

China green tea blended with pomegranate pieces and rose petals.


Red Flower Jasmine

Individual green tea leaves wrapped and tied by hand. Delivers a very smooth, sweet and floral aroma.



China Sencha made from the fist tender emerald green leaves which are steamed, twisted and dried. Fresh, Bright and grassy.

Sencha Overture

Classic steamed tea from Shizuoka, Japan. Rich, refreshing aroma. Sweet flavor reminiscent of tender steamed veggies and fresh seaweed.

Sweet Pear Green


Chinese Sencha, Darjeeling green tea, pear pieces, marigold flowers.