Lyricality supports Minnesota poets and lyricists by connecting them to people who need words to express what it feels like to be human. Social scientists and geographers tell us that who we are is intricately entwined with where we are. That’s why poetry and song are especially meaningful when they bridge the personal and the communal in a rooted, place-centered way. A wide range of poets and lyricists call Minnesota home. We encourage you to find them, connect with them, and discover how their words can help you experience life in this place more attentively, vividly, and deeply.

We’ve partnered with Lyricality to create Lyricaliteas. They’re a physical embodiment of poems to assist in connecting to word in new creative way. A portion of proceeds is donated to Lyricality so more creative connection can be made.

Choose from loose ounces, tins or gift boxes accompanied with a locally crafted mug.