Caring about our environment is important to us, therefore we use eco-friendly cups, lids, straws and tea bags.
Everything we use is either recyclable or compostable.

Any beverage can be made to-go or to stay and enjoy in our cozy shop. You can also pair your beverage with a sweet treat made in house almost daily.

Tea Beverages

Choose any tea on the wall to make into a basic brew or latte, hot or iced.
For a latte, you choose your milk and sweetener.

Taro Milk Tea
Hot or Iced
Taro Milk Powder blended with Sencha green tea* and your choice of milk.

Specialty Matcha
Hot or Iced
Ceremonial grade Matcha* blended with your choice of another tea, milk and sweetener.

Matcha Smoothie
Your choice of frozen fruit (Strawberry, Mango, Triple Berry) blended with Matcha*, Sencha green tea*, sweetener and your choice of milk.
Option to add black tapioca pearls or protein (chia seeds, flax seed, coconut) for a small up-charge.

Bubble Tea

First choose a Green Sencha* or Black Assam* tea base.
Second choose your flavoring/sweetener.
Third choose your milk.

Our bubbles are black tapioca pearls.
For a small up-charge, you can customize your tea base or add extra bubbles or flavoring.

Coffee Beverages

We use the pour-over method for brewing.
All of our coffee is locally wood fire roasted from Austin’s Acres. They source organic coffee beans whenever available.

Your choice of coffee can be made into a basic brew or a latte, hot or iced.
For a latte, you choose the milk and sweetener.

Austin’s Acres super dark coffee, organic cocoa powder, organic chocolate syrup, and your choice of milk.

Milk Options


We also carry half and half*
and coconut creamer*.

Sweetener Options

Honey (locally sourced, raw)
Simple Syrup*