White teas are the most delicate of all teas, and are known and appreciated for their subtle, complex, and naturally sweet flavors. The youngest shoots of the plant are harvested and processed with no oxidation. White teas will produce low amounts of caffeine when brewed with a very low temperature and a short steeping time. Steeping with hotter temperature and longer time will extract more caffeine.

Ginger Peach


White tea, jasmine green tea, ginger, natural peach flavor.


Mango Sorbet


Sweet, delicate white tea blended with exotic mango producing a nectar-like flavor. Contains white tea, mango pieces, natural mango and vanilla flavor.

Pu’erh White Tea


Fermented white buds from old Yunnan Pu’erh trees.  Light, subtle and delicious.




Contains organic rosehips, organic white tea, organic hibiscus, organic rose petals and natural flavors.


Silver Needle


Hand picked spring buds from the first flush making it the highest grade of white tea. Clear and delicate with a mellow, lingering finish.

White Acai

Organic white tea, pineapple bits, organic rosehips, organic hibiscus, apple, organic black currants, acai powder, natural flavors.

White Chai

Ginger root, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, white tea, pineapple pieces, cloves, coconut, cardamom, red peppercorns, apple pieces, natural spice and cinnamon flavor.


White Guava Ginger

Organic white tea, organic ginger, organic marigolds, organic raspberries, natural flavors.

White Peony


White tea with a fresh earthiness.


White Strawberry

White Strawberry–China white tea, rooibos, apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, blueberries, natural strawberry flavor, strawberries, blue corn flowers, rose petals & natural vanilla flavor.