Black tea is allowed to wither and is proceeded with oxidation, where water evaporates out of the leaf and the leaf absorbs more oxygen. Black teas usually undergo full oxidation, and results in the characteristic dark brown and black leaf. Black tea typically has more robust and pronounced flavors and, when brewed appropriately, a higher caffeine content compared to other teas (50-65% of coffee, depending on the type and brewing technique).

Oolong teas are partially oxidized,  possessing some qualities of both green and black teas. They are known for their aromatic, fruity, sometimes sweet tastes. Most oolongs are meant to handle multiple steeps.


99% Oxidized Purple Oolong

Hand-rolled dark purple leafs offer a full-bodied, smoky brew with notes of musk and cinnamon.



High grade, tippy golden flowery orange pekoe from the mountains of southern India. Full-Bodied, rich malty flavor with lighter golden-tan tips adding to the depth of taste.

Autumn Cranberry

Indian black tea blended with sweet cranberry pieces and blackberry leaves.

Aztec Spice

Organic Pu-erh, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Honeybush, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Sweet Ground Chocolate* (sugar, cocoa-processed w/alkali, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, vanilla), Organic Safflower, Organic Chile Flakes, Natural Flavors.

Berry Blend


Organic black tea, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry pieces.

Blood Orange Black

China black tea with blood orange pieces and essence.

Blueberry Fields

Black tea, dried blueberries and corn flower blossoms.


Bold Leaf Puerh


Smooth, deep fermented flavors with damp and earthy characteristics.

Bombay Chai

Bombay Chai


Black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger,
vanilla bean, ramon nut, black pepper.

Brandy Oolong

A highly oxidized (85-90%) oolong tea unique to Taiwan.




Grown at the Blackwood Estate in Ceylon. A strong tea with a full, brisk flavor.

Chocolate Chai

Ceylon black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cocoa nibs.

Chocolate Cream

Black tea, coconut, cocoa bits, chocolate chips & peppermint.

Chocolate Earl Grey

Chocolate Earl Grey


Black tea, roasted carob, chocolate, natural bergamot flavor, rose petals, cornflower petals.

Cinnamon Orange Spice

Black tea, clove, orange peel, orange oil, cinnamon oil.

Citrus Breakfast

Citrus Breakfast


Black tea, orange peel and pure essential oil of lemon.



Often called the “Queen of Indian Teas”. Frown in the high altitude foothills of the Himalayas.


Dark Rose

From the Hunan Province of China, pressed tea pieces containing dark tea and rose petals.

Earl Grey

Ceylon tea with oil of bergamot.

Earl Grey White Tip

Ceylon tea with the finest oil of bergamot available.


Cinnamon, pu-erh tea, eleuthero root, goji berries, Schizandra berries, nettle leaf, oat straw, ashwagandha root and natural flavors.

English Breakfast


Robust blend of teas from India and Sri Lanka.

Forest Rain

Iron Goddess Oolong tea, juniper berries, burdock root, dandelion root, cinnamon chips, licorice root, cedar needles, Chaga mushroom powder.

French Breakfast

French Breakfast


Black tea, vanilla bean, rose petals and natural vanilla flavor.

Georgia Black


Black tea, peach pieces, & natural peach flavor.

Grand Keemun

Luxuriant, smooth and toasty China black tea with cocoa notes.

Irish Breakfast


A blend of organic Assam tippy golden flowery orange pekoe and organic China black broken orange pekoe.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

Classic Oolong balanced by baking the leaf.

Kenyan Mountain

One of the finest small leaf African teas from the Tindret Estate in Kenya producing a strong, highly invigorating cup of tea.

Lapsang Souchong

Souchong leaves are withered over burning pine bows giving a smoky, robust flavor.

Lychee Congou

Chinese black tea with the juice of fresh Lychee nuts.

Mandarin Silk



A smooth blend of Pouchong tea with lemon myrtle, marigolds and natural essence of vanilla.

Masala Chai

Black tea, cardamom, ginger root, cloves, natural cinnamon flavor, cinnamon bark.

Minnesota N’Ice Tea

China black tea, jasmine, green tea, flavor, lemon grass, rose petals and cornflowers.


Moon Over Madagascar

Black teas blended with bourbon vanilla.

Nilgiri Blue


South Indian black tea with a full bodied, smooth texture, slightly woody and fruity flavor.

Northern Lights

A combination of Black Currant black tea, Yunnan puck white tea buds and blue cornflower petals to reflect the spectacular show of northern lights.

 Orange Flower Oolong

Orange Flower Oolong

Organic oolong tea, jasmine blossoms, organic lemon myrtle and pure essential oil of orange.


Passionfruit Jasmine

Organic black tea, organic green tea, organic jasmine flowers and natural flavors.

Peachy Keen

A Favorite blend at Spice of Life!
Black tea, blueberries, peach pieces, cornflower
blossoms, elderberries, apple, papaya, red currant, raspberry, strawberry, hibiscus and peach flavor.

Peach Oolong

Taiwanese oolong paired with natural peach flavor, apple pieces, marigold flowers and apricot.

Plum Oolong

Plum Oolong

Schizandra berries, Oolong tea, hibiscus, rosehips and natural flavors.

Prairie Passion

Black & green teas blended with papaya, rosehip peels, passion fruit & sunflower.

Puerh Tuo Cha

Aged Yunnan Puerh tea with a strong,
earthy flavor.


Rhubarb Oolong

Chinese oolong from Fujian blended with flavor, rose petals and rhubarb pieces.

Roasted Chestnut

China black tea, roasted mate, Houjicha, flavor, almond.

Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong

Strawberry Rose Champagne

Oolong tea, dried apple, raisins, licorice root, hibiscus, fennel, pineapple cubes (pineapple & sugar), juniper berries, rose buds, strawberries, anise, rosehips, peach cubes (peach & rice flour), star anise, vanilla bean and natural flavors.

Up North Blend

Brandy Oolong tea, slippery elm bark powder, juniper berries, burdock root, dandelion root, Chaga mushroom powder.

Vanilla Coconut

Vanilla Coconut

Black tea, rooibos, apple, vanilla chips, chocolate, coconut and natural vanilla flavor (contains soy, milk & nuts).

Wild Raspberry


Black tea, hibiscus, raspberries, strawberries, natural raspberry flavor.