Oolong teas are partially oxidized,  possessing some qualities of both green and black teas. They are known for their aromatic, fruity, sometimes sweet tastes. Most oolongs are meant to handle multiple steeps.


99% Oxidized Purple Oolong

Hand-rolled dark purple leafs offer a full-bodied, smoky brew with notes of musk and cinnamon.

Brandy Oolong

A highly oxidized (85-90%) oolong tea unique to Taiwan.

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening

Green tea, Oolong tea, coffee beans, white chocolate and natural flavors.
Contains: Dairy and Soy

Forest Rain

Forest Rain

(House Blend)

Ti Kuan Yin tea, juniper berries*, burdock root*, dandelion root*, cinnamon chips*, licorice root*, cedar needles***, Reishi Mushroom*, Chaga mushroom powder***.

*-Organic    ***-Wild Harvested

Ti Kuan Yin

(Iron Goddess of Mercy)

This storied tea was grown on China’s high hilltops amongst fresh streams and cool, crisp air. Tender leaves are gently basket tossed immediately after harvesting to rupture the cells for semi-oxidization.

Mandarin Silk

Mandarin Silk


A smooth blend of Pouchong Oolong tea with lemon myrtle, marigolds and natural essence of vanilla.

 Orange Flower Oolong

Orange Flower Oolong

Organic oolong tea, jasmine blossoms, organic lemon myrtle and pure essential oil of orange.

Peach Oolong

Taiwanese oolong paired with natural peach flavor, apple pieces, marigold flowers and apricot.


Spiced Plum Oolong


Schizandra berries, Oolong tea, hibiscus, rosehips, organic cinnamon, organic cloves and natural flavors.


Rhubarb Oolong

Chinese oolong from Fujian blended with flavor, rose petals and rhubarb pieces.

Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong

Strawberry Rose Champagne

Oolong tea, dried apple, raisins, licorice root, hibiscus, fennel, pineapple cubes (pineapple & sugar), juniper berries, rose buds, strawberries, anise, rosehips, peach cubes (peach & rice flour), star anise, vanilla bean and natural flavors.

Up North Blend

Up North Blend

(House Blend)

Brandy Oolong tea, slippery elm bark powder*, juniper berries*, burdock root*, dandelion root*, Chaga mushroom powder***.

*-Organic    ***-Wild Harvested