Afternoon Cheer


Cheer up your afternoon with this delightful house blend of locally grown mints and luscious fruits, lightly spiced with cloves and finished with Organic sencha green tea. A wonderfully warming cup served hot and very refreshing iced.

Blended for the month of January to bring warmth and joy to the body and mind.

Contains organic Sencha green tea, apple, papaya, elderberry, red currant, raspberry, strawberry, hibiscus, spearmint*, peppermint*, pineapple mint*, and organic cloves.

We recommend about a rounded teaspoon of loose tea to 8-12 ounces of hot water. An ounce of this tea will give you about 8-10 servings. The general steeping temperature is 165-175 degrees for 1-3 minutes.

Local*, House Blend


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